Managing and creating records for unknowns (in AI)                               

Managing the unknown cannot be done through technology alone, nor can it be understood through philosophy alone, nor can people ever fully understand everything, nor can any process ever capture every possibility or eventuality

What we do

Our goal is to enable your organisation to start managing and recording unknowns. We do this by looking at specific areas within your organisation.

Which and how do you use technology?
What proceses and standards do you use to manage your business/organization?
What is your company/organisations culture about?

On the basis of this we will then be able to support you in changes or additions in technology, processes and or standards that are needed for unknown record keeping and traceability. This process goes hand in hand with ensuring that a company/organisational culture exists where the statement: I don't know, becomes acceptable.

Who we are                

Hans; where technology meets philosophy

Pete. Standards and protocols

Remco: People and processes.